About The Swamp House


At 16 years old, on a balmy May Friday night way back in 1975. I rolled up to the Forestville Youth Centre (The Forrie Bop) tickets were a couple of dollars and the band on the night included the likes of  Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Paul Matters and Phil Rudd, yes ‘ACDC’ all for $2.00, can you believe that.

The loud, dirty, raw power and energy of this gig started what has been a lifelong love of live Music across all genres.

The idea for Swamp House was born back in 2011, whilst shooting a local band ‘Heartattack ‘n’ Vine at the Wickham Park Hotel (The Wicko) and a chance meeting with a local muso Dave ‘Scottish’ Forbes who asked me to shoot a project he was working on.

Sparked by Dave’s enthusiasm for my work, the next day I made the decision to take my passion for photography and live music and do something in my own small way to promote the local live music industry that has given myself, Robyn my wife and our family so much joy over the years.

Where did the Name Swamp House come from? Well… I was stuck on what to call it for days; Robyn came up with Swamp House. Our family home backs on to wetlands off Lake Macquarie and our home is affectionately called the Swamp House by friends. It only seemed natural to add another love to this project, the name of our family home.

Swamp House has given us the opportunity to meet new people and develope many relationships. In particular, Newcastle’s entertainment hub ‘Newcastle Live’ whom we are extremely proud to have been part of the team from its inception and growth, into a regional power house in all that is entertainment locally.

This is the next step in our dream and we would like to thank our good friend Dan Beazley for his guidance and support in helping us develop this site.

We would also like to thank Marcus Wright ‘Big Apachee’ for his ongoing encouragement and support of Swamp House, we are very proud to call Marcus our mate., much love!