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Fire & Ice featuring multi-award-winning artist, Catherine Britt, is the latest single lifted from Andrew Swift’s #1 ARIA Australian Country Album, Call Out For The Cavalry, out through Social Family Records, with the official music video released today.

Filmed in a fabrication factory in Newcastle, NSW, by The Filmery, the clip features Swift and Britt sharing a microphone in the middle of the factory on a water-covered floor with sparks flying around behind them.

Trying to get myself, Catherine and The Filmery in the same place at the same was a little tricky, to say the least, but we managed to find time when I was trekking back from Gympie Muster on my way home to Melbourne. We had a few issues at the start of filming because the sparks were being shot at us instead of behind us – all over my back and all over the front of Catherine,” says Swift. “I think the trickiest part was singing into each other’s eyes and not laughing though.”

The music video also features Andy Toombs on Guitar, James Edge on drums and Jack Rayne on bass.

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