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A Swede who calls Sydney home, breakout indie-pop singer/songwriter Mila Nile is a musical hybrid. Blending influencers from Nordic singers and Tove Styrke with Australasian artists like E^st, Broods, Wafia and Lorde, Mila’s music combines the icy soul of the north with the bright sizzle of the south.

Her latest single, “Mislead Me”, embodies her international melting pot of influences. Produced by Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Jeffe, Washington), “Mislead Me” is part confessional, part party jam, mixing introspective lyrics with infectiously energetic music.

Mila’s songs are raw, honest and an emotional outlet for her internal insecurities…

…She talks about this track. “I started writing it in a park near my home in Newtown. My friends were all at work, I was feeling kind of lonely and I decided to really dig deep into that feeling. I’ve always struggled interacting with new people, and have quite a bit of social anxiety, so the words came out straight away – how hard it can be to connect with people and how easy it can be to depend on vices like alcohol to get you through those situations.”

After sitting on the lyrics for a few weeks, she had a bit of a change of heart. “Rather than feeling depressing, I wanted to create the feeling of letting go of that anxiety and succumbing to a crazy night out. A lot of elements in the song represent that same feeling – the weird, distorted hook in the instrumental breaks, the surging pianos in the chorus, the choir of claps in the bridge, all those parts are inspired by the different versions of myself that I become on nights out with new people.”

Fresh from playing shows in Sweden, and following up from her debut single “Young Hearts”, Mila’s latest release is a statement of intent, bringing her unique take on indie pop to the Australian music scene. With a stack of tunes ready to be unleashed onto the world, Mila Nile will be a force to be reckoned with. Watch this space.

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