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Canadian artist Leeroy Stagger’s name might not ring too many bells with Australian music lovers, but hopefully, that situation is about to change with the release of his latest album, Strange Path – due out Sept 13 through True North Records  / MGM.

Stagger is no fresh-faced new kid on the block though.  11 albums, 2 EPs and 17 years as a singer-songwriter has seen him develop a reputation as a masterful lyricist and exciting performer, garnering a strong following in his homeland, while also making inroads into both the UK and US in recent years.  

With its glam-rock feel, ‘Strange Attractor’ the first single from Strange Path might not be what you expect from an artist normally referred to as a roots rocker, and it’s precisely this willingness to take chances that makes Leeroy Stagger an artist worth investigating. 

Describing the song, Leeroy says “Nothing is permanent when you really stop and think.  The home we live in, the car we drive, the children we raise, the art we make and the skin that we’re in. It’s not forever, it’s barely real, and that’s ok to me because I’ve been shown the truth of it all. In seeing that it’s not that big of a deal, this has shown me how beautiful it all is. It’s precious, impermanent and beautiful. ‘Strange Attractor’ is about the unseen nature of impermanence and the sacredness of the life we live.” Directed by Brock Davis Mitchell, the video draws inspiration from films like The Favorite and Marie Antoinette, and weaves an experimental narrative with bursts of colour. 

‘Strange Attractor’ can be purchased HERE

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