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Charismatic naughties frontwoman and self-proclaimed ‘pop witch’ Ella Hooper has revealed her latest solo offering ‘To The Bone’ – a cathartic disco pop number on burning bridges and starting anew. The acclaimed vocalist and one half of Australian rock royalty Killing Heidi, Hooper has spent the last few years splitting her time between playing a series of shows to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary, as well as dancing on her own two feet, with DJ sets nationally at Groovin’ The Moo, plus the release of her solo endeavour In Tongues and the double EP Venom/New Magic each earning her stripes as a remarkable force in her own right, and still one of Australia’s busiest musicians. Now recognised as a true modern day pop goddess, Ella Hooper is set to bring her unprecedented stage attack and brazen charm to the 2018 Bigsound Festival in Brisbane come September.

“To The Bone came out of a late night jam with my band, I wanted something I could really get down and dance to. I wanted to press pause on the soul-searching indie rock for a minute and get kinetic and put some fire and energy out there again. I was feeling really fed up, totally over certain people, expectations, and constraints and just blurted out some key phrases that made me feel empowered and powerful, reckless even, like ‘feel my wrath!’ Kali The Destroyer came to my mind, Godzilla too. Basically, it’s about not giving a fuck and channeling pure unintellectual emotion, desire, and destruction. Smashing down those annoying buildings of past selves, if they stand in the way of what you need to become. Putting your pleasure and your path first. It’s something nice girls aren’t meant to do, which is all the more reason to do it… And it feels sooo good.” – Ella Hooper.

Conjuring the healing energy of disco and the staunch grit of rock, ‘To The Bone’ is at once a liberating feminist anthem and a game-changing moment for Ella. Much like the technicolour pop queen herself, the single packs a punch of both silliness and sexiness in a bombastic and deeply groovy indie banger reimagined through an apocalyptic disco lens. The subversive, cowbell punctuated tune was co-written and co-produced by Ella Hooper and Robin Waters (Eves Karydas, Sophie Koh) and recorded at Sound Park Studios Melbourne by engineer, bandmate and friend Tim Harvey (Jade Imagine & Gena Rose Bruce), ‘To The Bone’ sees Hooper at her boldest yet. It’s catchy doom pop you can’t help but get down to.

Ella Hooper Bigsound Showcases
Tuesday 4 – Friday 7 September 2018
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Tickets via www.bigsound.org.au/tickets
‘To The Bone’ is out now via
Spotify // iTunes // Apple Music

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