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After the success of debut single My World, which saw them crack the US Top 40 Radio Charts and debut week of release at #2 behind Metallica! Three-piece Texan rockers Empty Trail have now released their next single and first for Golden Robot Records, Lost.

Lost is a bonafide arena rock smash, with its epic chorus and brooding verses building to something best experienced live but still designed to blow up your stereo. Frontman Rick Lambert describes the song as a search for a missing piece. It may seem like anger, but it’s really loss. The Grief for something you can’t find anymore. It’s a cathartic release that everyone can relate to.

Having been groomed on the riffs of Metallica and Megadeth and the dark emotions of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, Empty Trail distils the best parts of these most iconic heavy-hitting bands while maintaining authenticity. Catchy as hell and even poppy at times, each song on Lost stands alone as well as complementing the other tracks.

In a world where singles are once again at the forefront over albums, Empty Trail has got an arsenal of songs to appeal to everyone. From the strained emotions of opener Wait Around, the driving groove of Every Toll, to the slower, brooding Reality and the soaring stadium sounds of the EP’s anthemic title track, this is definitely all killer and no filler.

The Lost EP will be released on October 18!

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