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Los Angeles based Alt-Rock newcomers, Trope has unveiled the first single ‘Lambs’ from their forthcoming debut album Eleutheromania to be released later in 2019 via Golden Robot Records.

With its hypnotic bass guitar hook and ocean-sized rolling riff underpinning the incredibly powerful vocals of Diana Studenberg, ‘Lambs’ is the perfect appetiser for an album full of modern rock masterpieces.

Diana says of the track ‘The first half of Lambs deals primarily with bullying and the second half discusses placing trust in people that only care for themselves, but come across as innocent [Lambs], and the feeling of betrayal that comes from that.  The song also addresses where one falls short in expecting returned kindness and the accumulation of pain from its lack thereof, as well as the cyclical damage to self that results from ignoring your own behaviours and the facts presented.

While reminiscent of A Perfect Circle or Tool with female vocals, Trope is much more than that. Their rich textures push them into progressive realms while their melodies keep them rooted in the alternative rock world. Meaning they are just at home playing a track with a dozen time changes or a four on the floor belter. Making their live show a jaw-dropping experience.

Trope formed in 2016 when guitarist/producer Dave Thompson showed vocalist Diana Studenberg the embryo of what came to be their first song, Lambs. The duo spent the next 2 years writing and recording while searching for bandmates who could keep up with the constant time signature changes and feel of their music. 

Trope’s sound not only caught the ear of everyone at Golden Robot Records, but it also got the attention of studio legend Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) who engineered the band’s forthcoming debut, Eleutheromania, with Thompson at the helm producing. David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel) consulted on the album and mixed it, while Ted Jensen (Green Day, The Eagles) mastered the final product

Eleutheromania will be released in the very near future.
Lambs is out now!


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