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Melbourne alt-rockers Cam Bird has confirmed an official launch show for their forthcoming and third EP, Neutrality, due for release on May 17. The Launch will be held at the Whole Lotta Love Bar, Melbourne on Friday, June 1st.

The band has also released an inspiring new studio diary video, where Cam talks about the themes behind Neutrality. The positives and the negatives, check it out below.

With its swaggering verses and prog-inspired harmonies and metal as metal can be solo, the EP’s first single Blindfold sucks the listener in via a few carefully crafted methods and keeps them there while delivering its message of hypocrisy and the evils of the modern world.

Not one to shy away from the truth and origins of his band, Cameron Bird hit rock bottom several years ago, homeless and armed only with a suitcase and a guitar, Cam considered ending it all.

On the precipice of taking his life, Cam was literally saved by Metallica. A Hetfield lyric gave him the will to crawl back from the edge and believe in himself.

Fast forward through a few trials and errors fronting several metal bands, Cam refined his sound to reflect more of the grunge masters of old while also incorporating modern rock sounds and progressive elements. Forging a distinctive sound all his own, Cameron formed Cam Bird. It’s not metal and it’s not rock, Cam dubs it ‘aluminium’! It’s more accessible and malleable but still hard hitting and intense.

Cam Bird released their first EP, aptly titled Phoenix in late 2016 and followed it up quickly with Flight in March 2017. Both releases quickly found fans from all over the world, helped in part by the Rust single from Phoenix and Going Down & Freezing from Flight which struck a chord with fans for its honesty about struggling with life and the need to push through.

While Cam might owe his new lease on life to Hetfield and Ulrich, he has been paying it forward. Inspiring everyone he meets to be the best version of themselves. To live their lives as much as they can and maintain hope through the good and the bad times, spurred on with a soundtrack provided by Cam Bird!

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