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Melbourne rockers The Ugly Kings have just released a video for Black Widow from their acclaimed debut album, 2018’s Darkness Is My Home.

The band comment: “Black Widow is about seduction and manipulation. It’s about someone you love to hate and hate to love. It’s about someone that pulls you in with promises of affection and uses that to pull your strings. Ultimately the message is uplifting as it’s about having the strength to walk away from something so toxic and stand on your own two feet again.” 

The video featured dancer, Ferri Maya comments;  “Black widow has been apart of my life for nearly 2 years. It has developed into one of my strongest performances pieces over this time. How you see Black Widow now, won’t be what you’ll see by the end of the year. It has transformed from the artist’s thoughts and musicians feel, to the performer’s interpretation; and I’ve loved every minute of it. Performing to every beat, lyric and riff. My performance of Black widow has and still is being mentored by one of the greatest burlesque performers of all, Ginger Lee Valentine. 

This performance has won me the title of Miss Burlesque Melbourne and will be appearing at Miss Burlesque Australia, Perth international burlesque festival and New York Burlesque Festival. Not only am I grateful for these opportunities, but I am grateful to the band who has been with me every step of the way, with words of encouragement and belief. I have danced with the Ugly Kings for as long as they’ve been a band. Travelling worldwide with their songs as my backing track. I am so proud of them and all they have achieved. I am so excited to see this collaboration of Black Widow. The first time the performer and musicians vision come to life.”

The Ugly Kings, featuring Devil Electric guitarist, Christos Athanasias, are four powerhouse blues rockers drawing influence from an eclectic and dynamic musical background.

They offer a powerful injection of energy and emotion to the modern rock scene, formulating what can only be described as power blues.

Their catchy riffs and foot stomping rhythm lay the foundations for the deep-reaching and soulful emotive vocals.

The Ugly Kings have supported Airbourne on their successful sold-out east coast Australia tour in January 2017 with great reviews and Airbourne’s main man Joel O’Keefe saying of the band; 

Great show! The Ugly Kings have really got their own thing going on and it rocks! I love all the dynamics, pushing and pulling and then always smashing it out. Great intensity and power.”. 

They also supported Rival Sons in 2016 on their first Australia headline side-show in Melbourne during the Black Sabbath ‘The End’ World Tour & were asked directly by Papa Roach to open for them on both their Melbourne shows in January this year.

The Ugly Kings are Russel Clark (Vocals), Christos Athanasias (Guitar), Nicolas Dumont (Bass) and Andy Alkemade (Drums) 

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