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In 2016 Morgana Osaki and Fox Control headed into the studio and re-appeared with the highly anticipated debut EP ‘Kraken Lady’. This spectacular EP features Morgana’s powerful vocals, intricate harp playing, and poignant lyrics, and is backed by the impressive and immersive arrangements of Fox Control. This EP is a rare and curious look into the creative minds of these two artists and allows the listener to find their own meaning in the lyrics and music.


Morgana Osaki ‘Kraken Lady’

Morgana will be launching the EP for the first time at The Cambridge Hotel on 28th April 2017 supported by Helena Kitley 

Morgana Osaki is an Irish/Japanese singer-songwriter living in Australia. Whilst ‘unique’ and ‘original’ have become shallow and ubiquitous adjectives in many an artist bio, these terms are actually inadequate when describing this brilliant and stylish new artist.

Morgana Osaki

A hauntingly beautiful and stunning young lady, Morgana is simply captivating when perched behind her ‘weapon of choice’ … the Harp. And marrying a seamless fusion of contemporary songwriting with electro atmospheric dynamics, with her musical partner and counterpart, the ‘one man powerhouse Fox Control -organic/electronic maestro’, the pair deliver lavish electro/orchestral arrangements, looped/shifting basslines, underpinned by exacting production values and copious digital editing and mixing. Their music walks the less travelled yet golden path, paved by the likes of Massive Attack, Bjork and Florence and the Machine.

Huw Jones AKA Fox Control

Born in Japan, and living between two countries, the cities of Sydney and Melbourne as well the surrounding communities of Byron Bay and the Japanese town of Kanazaou Bukio, have provided the unique canvas for Morganas dynamic, diverse and rich creativity. Walking through her home towns temples and graveyard she cherishes vivid memories of running over a giant red bridge stretching over a lake filled with coy and turtles. Speaking fluent Japanese she regularly revisits her homeland. Juxtaposed in her music is the influence absorbed from her dula dwellings in these iconic Australian environments.

An ‘old soul’, and true bohemian, this teenage ‘ethereal punk’ listens to Tom Waits and Nick Cave, purely to soak in the devilish narrative and lyrical content made manifest by those magnificent growling voices. Illustrating just another wonderfully unorthodox and surprising glimpse of her esoteric tastes, it’s really hard to fathom that this young and vibrant soul with the insatiable wanderlust has only travelled around the sun 18 times.

Most of Morgana’s songs are derived from a feeling, like a colour. ‘It’s not necessarily for an audience, they don’t go into exact and specific detail, I’m far more abstract… I want the listener to find their own meaning, and to not necessarily know what I’m thinking about. “I think songs should either convey a feeling or a narrative’