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Award-winning Newcastle, Country Rock singer/songwriter Kristy James has released the latest single, ‘Cinderella’, from her forthcoming EP, RAW, which is now available for pre-order and set to hit stores on 15 June through independent record label, Social Family Records.

A tale of a love that was just not meant to be, ‘Cinderella’ is a beautifully crafted track. It tells the story of a hurtful truth, a relationship that’s not all that was promised and reminiscent of loving times spent together only to realise the cold, hurtful reality, soaked in deceit.

Each and every song on RAW envelops stories of romance, crime and broken hearts, including the mystery and intrigue of Kristy’s previous single, ‘Dark Sunglasses’, plus empowering anthems like ‘Push’ and ‘Brand New’ that present opportunity and hope for times ahead.

For Kristy, RAW truly represents who she is an artist, created through her vision from the beginning.  The “raw” and heartful EP was brought to fruition using hand selected musicians from across the globe, with 5 of the 6 tracks co-produced with her husband.  RAW is a journey, an emotional rollercoaster, which leaves the listener with a new understanding of Kristy James.

*** All digital pre-orders via iTunes or CD pre-orders via the Official SFR Store, receive Cinderella and Dark Sunglasses instantly ***


Fri Jun 15 | Canton Beach Sports Club, Central Coast
w/ Chelsea Berman & Finnian Johnson
Sat Jun 16 | Mezz Bar, Wallsend, Newcastle
w/ Chelsea Berman & Lili Crane
Sun Jun 17 | Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney
w/ NeillyRich & Chelsea Berman
Thu Jun 21 | Belmont Hotel, Lake Macquarie (Raw & Acoustic)

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