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We dropped into Lizotte’s Newcastle last Saturday night, to check out Pearl ‘The Janis Joplin Story’.  Now I’ll be up front here and say I’ve never been a fan of tribute type shows and wasn’t expecting much more than a bit of light entertainment with an artist on stage trying to imitate the great Janis Joplin.

My opinion changed almost immediately once the show started.  This wasn’t one artist trying to imitate another.

This show is a well-produced rockumentary, telling Janis’s story beautifully through her music and others that touched her life, including some well-placed recordings of Janis’s words and thoughts.

All the Joplin classics were played including the likes of ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ and ‘Move Over’ to name a few.

A real highlight was guitarist Jeremy Edwards’ sensational cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Chelsea Hotel’, penned, about his affair with Joplin in the early Seventies.

Pearl features the superb voice of Liza Ohlback on vocals, Jeremy Edwards (guitar/vocals) who is also the musical producer, Rick Melick (keys/vocals) and Greg Ohlback (drums).

We also had the pleasure of meeting Pearl’s writer and producer ChrisKeeble on the night whose passion and love for the show is infectious to say the least. The Show is musically excellent, well produced and informative, all up a fantastic night of live entertainment.

‘Pearl’ is showing at The Vanguard (Newtown) this F riday, 22 nd of May, phone 02 9557 9409 for bookings.

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