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Blue Mountains prog-tinged three piece Red Bee reign supreme with their second album, Silent Enemy. An unstoppable, adrenaline rushing, alt-hard rock masterwork.

Red Bee are tremendously excited to announce that Silent Enemy will be released via Melbourne’s Dinner for Wolves (home of The Screaming Jets, Dead City Ruins and Superheist) – their first release for the revered label.

The first single Dead Inside’ is an intense insight into their latest work, displaying expansive soundscapes and epic heaviness. Lyrically, ‘Dead Inside’ is about being drawn to someone who is completely out of control yet has complete control over you.
Musically, the song bares RED BEE’s trademark slabs of syncopated/odd time signature riffs that juxtapose against a straight down the line, hook-laden rock chorus.

An incredibly tight live band, Red Bee is explosive, atmospheric and energetic; they continually blow the minds of their audiences.
Funk and groove are injected into the band’s sound amid their odd time signatures and staccato blasts of intricate fury. The vocals coursing exuberantly and aggressively over the top are more akin to bands such as Faith No More and Mastodon than the usual howling or brutal/melodic trade-off.

Red Bee is authentically Australian – both sonically and in their hard-work approach to recording. Daniel’s vocals are delivered with a refreshing Aussie accent – a touch of Frenzal Rhomb’s punk style blended with Cog’s anthemic, soulful renderings.

Silent Enemy will be released on May 4 via Dinner For Wolves

Pre-orders available now



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