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Sydney progressive metal quartet Red Sea are at it again with their brutal new single, The Score which is out now!

A departure from their heavy-groove single The One earlier in 2019, The Score is a full-tilt, heavy, angry, tasty, metal track.  Red Sea are clearly growing as a band and their sound is developing with this fourth track from Producer Clayton Segelov (Shady Nasty, Sleepmakeswaves, Periphery).

The Score is a song of defiance and victory. Lyricist and frontwoman Bowron says that originally the lyrics were inspired by the #metoo movement. But this quickly expanded to include broader references when the horror of the Trump family separation policy unfolded and resistance to the Greta Thunberg-led movement for climate change action became apparent. “It’s just time,” says Bowron, “the old regimes of bullying, self-serving, money-at-all-costs leadership from the likes of Trump, Weinstein, Murdoch and even Morrison in Australia are cracking at the seams. They’re doing some serious damage on their way out, but I think they’re just becoming irrelevant. The youth-led global movement of sustainability, inclusiveness and just simple bloody respect is growing. It’s a simple concept – you treat people like shit for long enough and they’ll eventually bite back. Well, they’re biting back.” With an urgency befitting the theme of the song, The Score blasts open like a punch in the face with frontwoman Bowron belting “Desperate, if you think I’ll break for you” out over the first chorus. The relentless drums and brutal guitars eventually dissolve into a more emotive verse and then ultimately progress back up to crux of the main chorus “I’ll be the one to destroy you”. 

The song throws plenty of curveballs with two different choruses, a surprisingly haunting breakdown and a healthy dose of tempo and feel changes that all somehow blend together to create a dense and compelling song.

The band says The Score went through many incarnations before reaching its final form and at one point clocked in at 7 minutes! “We had a Frankenstein approach to the song in the beginning,” says guitarist Daniels, “we stitched different pieces together to bring this monster to life.” They kept polishing their ‘Frankenstein’ and then of course producer Segelov had the last word in the final arrangement – even cutting the entire 2-minute introduction that gave the song its name! 

The title ’The Score’ was originally only the working title for the song,” says frontwoman Bowron, “because the main feature of the song was originally this super long introduction that was moody and tense and sounded like the score to a movie. Then when we got in the studio Clayton literally cut the entire section!” laughs Bowron. However, as the lyrics started to take shape, the meaning of The Score began to change into a score that needs settling…and the working title was adopted as the main title.  

The Score is the second single from Red Sea’s upcoming 5 track EP that was produced by Clayton Segelov and is due for release in early 2020. 

 Red Sea will embark on a run of mainly regional East Coast shows to support The Score release.

Friday, November 8: The Basement, Canberra
Saturday, November 16: Tatts Hotel, Inverell
Friday, November 22: Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday, November 23: The Imperial Hotel, Armidale
Saturday, November 30: Venue TBA, Sunbury (Melb)
More dates TBA….

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