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Hands of Time, which features Aussie rock legend, Sarah McLeod, from The Superjesus, is the third single lifted from Route 33’s forthcoming album, Coro Drive, which is set for release on August 9 and available to pre-order from July 26, distributed through Social Family Records.

Out now, Hands of Time is a beautiful duet and song which explores a sadly growing issue in modern society, that of suicide. Based on a real situation involving close friends of the band, the track delves into the effect that the suicide had on a those left behind…in this case, the remaining partner…the self-blame, the unanswered questions, and the total inability to continue life with their opposite missing and never to return.

While a ballad, the new single sits on the rockier side of the country spectrum. The vulnerability in McLeod’s voice captures the hurt of a person struggling to live a normal life, reminiscing on young love, leading up to the time of the event. The song unravels through the aftermath of suicide and the lasting impact it has.

Coro Drive is the second studio album from the Brisbane-based duo, the 11-tracker recorded at Red Engine Studios and co-produced by award-winning producers, Steve James and Andrew Cochrane, who brought some impressive talent to the table to encourage a rock/mainstream sound without losing the country influence.

The title represents a special place and numerous memories that have shaped the pair’s musical journey. Coro Drive is an abbreviation of Coronation Drive, which is not only the major thoroughfare for the western suburbs of Brisbane and a street Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes grew up on, it is also the state road ‘Route 33’ and where the band name came from.

Trent and I spent a lot of our time on this street growing up, chasing girls and drinking at the bars, speeding tickets when we first got our licenses to now, for me, my office is on this street,” says Barnes.

Coro Drive is an accumulation of both of the music genres the boys grew up on. Country music for Jock and 90s rock for Trent, with their influences clearly obvious throughout the record.  But every song is different and the merging of 90s rock and country music, making their mark, different to the norm. It’s the sort of album that will make the girls dance and the boys tell their mates about it.

Route 33
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