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Kryptonite is the second single from Route 33’s forthcoming album, expected later in 2019. It follows on from their first single Showing Off, which saw the group take a firm foothold on the Australian Country Music landscape, and signals a more intense, rock feel, in line with the ongoing energy of the album.

The new single explores the power the right woman can have over a man and the see-sawing power battle of the modern-day relationship. Whilst aware of the danger, defying logic, the man will pursue her, essentially making her his Kryptonite, choosing the chase over his personal protection.

McArdle and Barnes, based on the Sunshine Coast and Kingaroy respectively, met when McArdle played sport against Barnes’ older brother. It was that same sibling that, eight years ago, encouraged the pair to jam together and combine their formidable talents.

I managed to throw us in the deep end and went ahead and locked in some cover gigs with local pubs in Ipswich,” Barnes explains, “and from there we have just gone from strength to strength in the cover scene, playing at such events like Roma Cup, Warwick Rodeo and also a private party for Richard Branson.”

That experience means Route 33 are well versed in what type of songs engage an audience and get it dancing. “Cutting our teeth in the cover scene for eight years has paid dividends in terms of stage presence, crowd interaction and, most importantly, song choices,” Barnes says. “There would be direct correlation between our songwriting/collaborating and our experiences with crowd interaction.”

Since their first single release ‘Last First Kiss’ from their debut album ‘The Switch’ in November 2016, Route 33 have featured on line ups at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster and Logan Flood Aid. ‘Last First Kiss’ hit no.1 on the iTunes Country Music Chart and no.6 on the Aria Country Music Chart, with the film clip hitting some impressive numbers of 50,000 views in the first week.

With their new album, Coro Drive, recently completed, the 11 tracker was recorded at Red Engine Studios and co-produced by award-winning producers Steve James and Andrew Cochrane who brought some impressive talent to the table to encourage a rock/mainstream sound without losing the country influence.

With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.

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