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Earlier this month, singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos announced news of her 6th album – to be released later this year.  The first single from the album, Crashing, along with the video for the track is officially released today. 

Catherine Traicos

In January of this year, singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos returned to the recording studio with a full band after a hiatus of four years from band work and just one year from her solo work.
Uniting past collaborators from her time with The Starry Night – Darren Nuttall, Gareth Skinner and Paul McKercher, the group joined up with Sam Worrad (The Holy Soul, The Vacant Lot, Lo Carmen) on bass and Cec Condon (The Mess Hall, Roadhouses, Grinding Eyes) on drums.

Together the team created an as-yet-untitled full-length album – Catherine’s 6th release – at Jim Moginie’s scenic Oceanic Studio on Sydney’s northern beaches. The result is a melding of wonderful musicianship and unique musical sensibilities that compliment, but never overwhelm Catherine’s distinctly beautiful vocals and her always intimately personal songs.

The first single from the album is Crashing – a hypnotic, indie-rock laden track that features cello, pulsing drum and bass and sparse, yet intelligent guitar melodies. Catherine says of the song:

“Crashing just kind of presented itself to me mid solo jam late at night as songs often do. Mostly they are forgotten or just fill up my phone until I delete them to make space for more. 

I remember reading somewhere that Duke Ellington never wrote anything down, saying that the good songs will stick around. And this song did just that. Everywhere I went over the next few days it would nudge me and prod me to go home and finish it. There was a moment when it was just “now or never” and I jumped on a bus, abandoning my commitment that day in favour of completing the song. It was almost as if had I not gone home and finished it then, I would have lost it forever. 

The video for Crashing is made by Andrew Watson, himself an impressive musician (The Man Who Wasn’t There, Slow Dissolve, wayward breed. The shooting took place over a single evening and was experimental and involved many sparklers and bright shiny lights. We smashed, we boiled, we burned, we projected, and we danced late at night in a freezing park surrounded by curious possums. It was quite a night.”

Catherine heading out on a short run of shows taking in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne in June. Dates below.


Thursday 8 June – The White Horse (band) – 381 Crown St, Surry Hills SYD,
From 8 pm. Free entry

Sunday 11 June – The Two Sisters (solo – matinee) – 135B Goodwood Rd, Goodwood SA
From 2 pm. Free entry

Friday 16 June – Bassendean Hotel (duo with Darren Nuttall on guitar) – 25 Old Perth Rd, Bassendean WA
From 10pm 

Saturday 17 June – Fremantle Winter Music Festival (duo with Darren Nuttall on guitar) 
Swan Lounge, Fremantle

Sunday 25 June
Northcote Social Club (duo, w Gareth Skinner on cello) – 301 High St, Northcote VIC
From 2pm 
(All presales receive a free flexi disc upon arrival)

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