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Tipped by many as one of the most exciting new players on the Australian hip-hop scene, 22-year-old WA based Ziggy Ramo has had a huge 12 months with peers and industry suitably impressed by his scything flow, effortlessly combined with a politically-charged, insightful focus.

In true Ziggy style, latest single ‘YKWD’ (‘You Know We’re Done’) is powerful, arresting and thought-provoking, following suit from previous single ‘Black Thoughts’ and the more recently released ‘Same Script’.

Ziggy tells us about ‘YKWD’…
“In the quest for equality, it is easy to get tunnel vision. Any change has to be holistic and all-encompassing. YKWD is a shift of dialogue around the way both relationships and women have been depicted in our society. We foster an environment that encourages us to disconnect from our bodies and succumb to being paralysed by overthinking. This song is a feel-good anthem to re-establish the body and mind as one. We are all flesh and bones and love connects us all… 

…With permission from EJ’s family, ‘YKWD’ is also a dedication to the dances their 14-year-old son, sibling, cousin, nephew and friend will never get. Elijah was robbed from the chance to see live music. So many experiences have been stolen from hipm, but we have the power to speak his name in love. Each time we dance to this song, we have the opportunity to dance in the name of unity and love, allowing EJ’s spirit to live forever.”

‘YKWD’ is out now and available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify

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