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We love our music videos here at The Swamp House, these are the top three on our play list this week ‘in no particular order’

‘Where Da Money go’ THE JIM JONES REVUE, track 4 from their 2012 album ‘The Savage Heart’. The Jim Jones Revue is a UK based dirty rock and roll band composed of Jim Jones, Rupert Orton (brother of Folk Rock songstress Beth Orton) , Henri Herbert, Gavin Jay and Nick Jones.

‘Conviction’ THE LACHY DOLEY GROUP, track 2 and title track from his rocking 2015 album. Dubbed the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ, a player who can pump, pamper and pound unbelievable, intense, ferocious and sometimes transcendent sounds from his organ and clavinet. Add powerful blues vocals ripping straight from the heart screaming as they pass the vocal chords and you’ve got one mesmerising and unforgettable show.

Last but most certainly not least one of our local favourites, DAVE CARTER with ‘Black Coffee’ track 1 from his ‘Ten Tall Tales’ album. Dave has been performing and entertaining professionally in Australia for a little over three decades. He has played or sung on countless albums, singles, soundtracks, TV and radio beds. He has been a member of many bands over the years, including, Alex Smith, Ian Moss, Moving Pictures, 24 Strings, Bob Corbett & the Roo Grass Band, Mark Wells, Bliss, Special Branch, Loonatic Fringe, Love That Hat, The Funbusters, and more… Through music, Dave has traveled Australia and the world, performing at venues and festivals, in front of intimate and enormous audiences. Dave believes that after a career spanning more than thirty years… he is just warming up!