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We love our music videos here at The Swamp House, these are the top three on our play list this week ‘in no particular order’

Rock duo, EL GRANDE  (James Vann and Joe Mungovan) ‘The Bottle’  Track 2 off their debut EP, Get Down. The boys have a new EP Bobby Blue out now and their Bobby Blue tour will be hitting Newcastle’s,  The Small Ballroom on Thursday,August 11th  

Friends since childhood, the boys from El Grande have brewed up a sound of blues rock with an attitude of getting it done. The two compadres, Jim (guitar/vox) & Joe (drums/vox), grew up around the corner from each other. Crafting their sound purely from garage tones, angry neighbours and home brewed beer. The duo have captured a unique blend of friendship and raw vibes. The boys released their debut EP ‘Get Done’ back in December 2014. Recorded in Jimmy’s shack.. Following the release of their debut EP ‘Get Done’ and two national tours, their second EP ‘Bobby Blue’ shows a sense of growth and progression forward within the duo, mastering their songwriting craft and fine tuning their garage tones.

Man we love this one, locals My Friend Rupert (Ellen Macdonald and Matt Cross) launched their new video ‘Stay’ this week.

Ellen and Matt first met at a local open mic night where they both performed solo sets. A short conversation later the pair agreed to try their different styles together, and arranged a jam for the following week. With both individuals bringing a different influence into the mix, they discovered a unique and exciting sound that they were eager to share.

Tim Rossington‘s ‘Home’ the opening track off his debut Rising EP

Born and raised on a farm near Glen Innes, NSW Tim grew up apart of a big family, the youngest of seven children. As a youngster in this lively family his father would orchestrate the sing alongs and jams and Tim says it was what really brought the family closest. His Dad would play for hours and he likes to think the passion that his old man has for music would hopefully continue to transform in his own life.

Though Music was never the forefront of Tim’s life growing up in the country as he had other great passions and enjoyment in many things such as playing football (soccer) and life on the land. It was when a guitar passed down from his father and admiring his brother John’s skills Tim started learning on the old six string.

Tim didn’t start singing until lightly forced by a few mates to lead a band for a local band competition. it was then he felt the pure enjoyment for performing. From then on in performing was evolving to be a big part of Tim’s life… Tim said he “loved the raw feel and happiness it gave me and I loved sharing my musical passion with lots of family and friends, but also with fresh faces.”

Now living in Newcastle, studying at the Uni and performing all around the Hunter Valley. Over the last few years Tim has moved from pubs and bars to the bigger stages and back again. Though no matter the size tim says he can’t help but try my hardest every time, always wanting to better his performance.

Tim was a featured artist in the audition round of X factor. Tim decided to perform a cover of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’  surprising everyone.  Coming across as a humble country boy with his shaggy hair and bush hat, it was his singing (and guitar playing) that left everyone in a pleasant and unexpected state of shock and resulted in a thundering standing ovation.