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Morgana Osaki on stage at Lizotte’s last night

Morgana Osaki is an Irish/Japanese singer-songwriter living in Australia. Whilst ‘unique’ and ‘original’ have become shallow and ubiquitous adjectives in many an artist bio, these terms are actually inadequate when describing this brilliant and stylish new artist.

A hauntingly beautiful and stunning young lady, Morgana is simply captivating when perched behind her ‘weapon of choice’ … the Harp. And marrying a seamless fusion of contemporary songwriting with electro atmospheric dynamics, with her musical partner and counterpart, the ‘one man powerhouse -organic/electronic maestro’ Fox Control, the pair deliver lavish electro/orchestral arrangements, looped/shifting basslines, underpinned by exacting production values and copious digital editing and mixing. Their music walks the less travelled yet golden path, paved by the likes of Massive Attack, Bjork and Florence and the Machine.
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