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There are two kick arse nights of live music at The Stag & Hunter Hotel this weekend, kicking off this Friday, May 19th; Tim Solly with The Wayward Henrys | 8 pm Free Entry – Singer/ Songwriter Tim Solly is an Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Tim began songwriting at the age of 18 and quickly created himself into an inspiring young musician. In 2005 he released his debut Ep ‘A life to dream’ which went number 1 in the SA music charts for 8 consecutive weeks and he was nominated for best independent male artist later that year. In 2011, a move to Melbourne saw Tim quickly from country/bluegrass act and become the frontman of ‘Dirtland’ who launched their debut album ‘Saved By The Devil’ at the infamous corner hotel in 2013. The band went on to tour nationally for 2 years and won the Victorian state final of the national slam band comp. Dirtland parted ways at the end of 2015 and Tim Solly is now very excited to be relaunching his solo career with the new Ep ‘Waking Up’. Here’s are some of the accolades  

Alt Country/ Folk – High school sweethearts who’ve stuck together through thick and thin, The Wayward Henrys have rolled down a rocky road and turned their journey into song. Music is the grease in their engine. Songwriting is the soldering iron that’s kept their chassis together.

Married pair Brock and Natalie Henry have written a break-up record without the separation, weaving yearning stories of love and loss. Brock’s deep, dusty voice is a stirring counterweight to Natalie’s sweet, fragile vocal instrument. It’s a potent mix that gives the couple’s debut album, Cold Love, an emotional sincerity that can’t be faked or fabricated.

“Brock and I are high school lovers and have had times of joy but like most relationships over a decade, have also had our fair share of problematic times,” says Natalie. “Cold Love is our way of breaking up whilst sticking it out together. It’s the breakup album minus the breakup.”

Saturday, May 20th; Tim Hulsman | 8 pm Free Entry –  

lt Country/ Folk – Tim Hulsman was born in Tasmania in 1973, and learned from an early age how to perform for an audience. He had 18 years personal experience with which to observe how to captivate and hold people. But he’s spent the last 23 years estranged from the man who taught him, his father.

One of six children raised in a rigidly devout Jehovah’s Witness family, Tim Hulsman’s father was a respected elder in the JW community, responsible for counselling and advising “the flock” and for excommunicating members who were deemed to be straying or worse, ‘unrepentant sinners’.

Tim’s mother preached between 60 and 90 hours per month herself while caring for up to 5 kids at home at any one time. Both parents ran the household in a loving, but borderline military-style fashion and strict discipline were both expected and administered.The family’s time was spent door-knocking almost every weekend, travelling to other congregations to give lectures and pulpit preachings, attending local meetings 3 nights a week and home bible study every other night. The Hulsman children were being groomed for the ministry and a life dedicated to being humble servants of God.

Any music other than hymns and religious music was heavily regulated in the Hulsman home. Tim’s paternal uncle was a well-regarded Jazz musician, but with him outside of the Jehovah Witness flock, it just confirmed Tim’s parent’s belief that music “will lead you astray.”

Tim has a vivid recollection of hearing a song when he was 5, a wild piece of Gypsy Jazz music called Gypsy Carnival that made him freeze to the spot, and “by the time the song ended my heart was racing and I was tingling all over. I can’t remember anything either side of that memory. Just that moment. But I have always wanted to weave that sort of magic, that sort of moment.” Ironically, Tim does recall that song was introduced to him, and equally enjoyed by his mother.

The Stag & Hunter Hotel

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If you’re heading in for a gig make sure you get there early and grab a bite to eat at the Stag’s fabulous Bistro.

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