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On stage this week at Newcastle’s home of original live music, The Stag & Hunter Hotel, Mayfield. Friday, March 31st – Archer with Amy Vee | 8pm Free Entry;  Archer is an old-time sing-song man. “well you woodnt call him smart but you woodnt call him stupid neither… he does have sum kindofa way about him…weather he be damned or blessed he certainly can pull a song outta the deep earth or the spaceless space and make you wanna cry or yell or just about any plain ol thing…he speaks of bullshit and of truth and he’s got a red raw beatin heart and a soul which says a lot in this day and age… he’s got a sound that harkens back to an earlier age but also to a future age where the plastic fancies of today are but dust….hes been called a lunatic a mystic a fool and a saint.. the truth is.

Singer/ Songwriter – Amy Vee has returned to the spotlight, exploring the turbulence of life’s joys and despairs with newer sounds from an older soul. Juxtaposing her trademark ethereal alt-folk sound against digitally deconstructed beats and textures, Vee has distilled over a decade of experience as touring singer, songwriter and musician to present a contemporary collection of new songs, exploring themes of grief, fear, acceptance and the all-too-quick passage of time.

Saturday, April 1st – Bad Luck Kitty | 8pm Free Entry; Neorockabilly/ Psychobilly – Bad Luck Kitty are a Newcastle based 3 piece Rockabilly band. BLK produce high energy Rockabilly/Psychobilly Rock… However their lyrics are Cheeky and full of fun. It’s as if the Stray Cats, The Dead Cats, The Rolling Stones and ACDC all got together for a night of mayhem and jams and out popped Bad Luck Kitty!

Bad Luck Kitty are touring to promote their new album Áfortunado Diablo’. To launch the album the 3 piece band will putting on a live show at The Stag and Hunter Hotel in Newcastle!
The band will be showcasing their album along with plenty of other tracks that have influenced their sound over the years.

New album and new merchandise will be available on the night. The band will also be raffling off some very cool items yet to be announced!

Bad Luck Kitty – Rockabilly (Studio Music Video)

NEW MUSIC VIDEO! We're super excited to launch this musical beast into the world! Watch the video right here and purchase or stream the song from any digital music store, like iTunes or Spotify! Track is also available by clicking our SHOP NOW BUTTON- https://badluckkitty.bandcamp.com/track/rockabillyBig thanks to Rhys @ Spinlight Studio for recording, mix & master.Also our very own Tom Blake @ Gravity Films for the video.BLK.

Posted by Bad Luck Kitty on Thursday, September 22, 2016




The Stag & Hunter Hotel

Ph. (02) 4968 1205
187 Maitland Rd Mayfield
NSW, Australia 2304


If you’re heading in for a gig make sure you get there early and grab a bite to eat at the Stag’s fabulous Bistro.