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Brisbane death metal monsters Kaerulean have dropped their new lyric video for ‘The Human Conditioned’, the first single off their next release, ‘The Orwellian Dream’. The clip release also coincides with the opening of pre-orders for their new EP, which began today.

“The Human Conditioned conceptually deals with the MK Ultra Experiments run by the CIA during from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. Various Mind control techniques, forms of torture and psychedelics were performed and used on children, sometimes completely breaking down their psyche and allowing them to be moulded to fit the desired format.  This is the beginning of mind-control technology,” says vocalist Adrian Pagano of the track.

The EP, which will be the third record for Kaerulean, is their most ambitious to date, and with the positive responses they have received from their previous releases, this EP is already on track to propel them to the next level in their careers.

“The Orwellian Dream thematically details the four-stage development of a totalitarian government, from the beginnings of societal brainwashing to the complete enslavement of humanity for the benefit of a powerful few.  The concept for this album was brought about by the literary and conceptual interest we had for George Orwell, particularly his novel 1984.  We also drew concepts from other authors including Aldous Huxley, Anthony Burgess, and Lois Lowry.  There are also real-life inspirations for The Orwellian Dream, such as the CIA MK Ultra Projects during the 1950’s-1970’s and as well as the invasive nature of social media.  We recorded and mixed EP again at our own home studio in Brisbane.  Brad Boatright of Audioseige took care of our mastering, while Remy from Headsplit Design did our artwork.  This is our first release with Truth Inc Records and we are thrilled to be able to finally have you listen!” says Pagano of the EP.

‘The Orwellian Dream’ is now available for pre-order from via Truth Inc Records or the Kaerulean Bandcamp, but the band will also have some limited pre-order bundles to coincide with their upcoming gig with Archspire and Psycroptic.

The limited bundles will only be available via the band’s Bandcamp or at their upcoming shows and will include a choice of the following:
Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + CD + Shirt
Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + CD
Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + Shirt,
CD + Shirt

You can catch Kaerulean at the following Brisbane dates:
Friday, August 3 – The Woolly Mammoth w/ Rise of Avernus
Thursday, August 16 – Crowbar w/ Archspire, Psycroptic, and Hadal Maw

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