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The Screaming Jets @ the Cambridge ‘Newcastle’

What a night, The Screaming Jets live loud and hard, the smell of spilt beer, sweat and ringing in my ears, all a good rock show should be, loved it!

This sold out show was all you could ask for in a Screaming Jets show, with all the classics being played and the packed audience singing along word for word. It’s safe to say that this band is one of Newcastle’s favourite sons.

The Cambridge is where it all began, almost 25 years ago, five young Newcastle musicians, ‘Dave Gleeson. Grant Walmsley, Paul Woseen, Richard Lara and Brad Heaney’ united to form Aussie hard rock icon,The Screaming Jets. It was good to see some of the boys back at their old stomping grounds.

The current line up consists of only two of the five founding members,Dave Gleeson, the hard playing born showman on Vocals and the multi-talented Paul Woseen on Bass who teams up with Mickl Sayer on drums to make one hard driving rhythm section. The gritty dual guitars of Scott Kingman and Jimi Hocking complete the rock package.

If you’re a lover of good, honest, Aussie hard rock then this band is a must see. The Jets have one more show at the Cambridge on Saturday night (14/12/13); see their web site for further shows @